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Donkeys and the Cart

I know. You’re tired of hearing about my garden cart. But before you break up with me via the unsubscribe button, you need to know that there was an ATTEMPTED MURDER at my house. Just hours after my last post about my garden cart some little ghetto donkeys came and pulled up all the plants. Every. Single. One.

You guys, it broke my heart.

I don’t know why anyone would do that. I sincerely hope it was just very young kids who were unsupervised and bored. Who knows? Maybe my neighbor reads my blog and knows I’m so in love with my garden cart that I want to buy a unicorn to pull it around…and they have a thing against unicorns.

The “why” doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I was able to replant everything immediately and I still had extra broccoli and cabbage plants from thinning out the cart. Sara, the rock star grower of Grinnin Meadows Fresh fame, generously replaced some of the plants didn’t survive the early and unfriendly harvest. And now, the cart is lush and healthy and makes me grin.

These plants deserved a second lease on life!

The cart today





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Thirty-four and NOT a bore

Dear Roper,

Sweet boy. You are a little shoehorn, stretching my heart more and more each day. You remind me of what is important in life. You also remind me that I should never use salty language in front of you because you will repeat that choice phrase – verbatim and at peak volume – while tearing around the grocery store.

I’m sorry for hiding in the ice cream aisle and pretending you were not mine.

You had a big month, buckaroo. Your Papa Bear and Nanny took you to a fishing derby and you caught a 5.5lb trout! I would show you a picture, but your grandparents DON’T BELIEVE IN CAMERAS. However, we did get to eat the trout. It was trout-y.

You also went to the theater to watch Madagascar 3 on the big screen and you were completely and adorably enamored. Personally, I enjoyed the fact that you’re too small for the seat and it kept folding up and trying to eat you. And guess what? I (gasp!) bought you a DVD. I thought it was time you saw the movie Cars since you’re so enamored with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater on your underpants. I don’t normally let you watch much, but I kind of have a crush on Tow Mater, too.

Dude. DUDE. You are bursting at the seams with personality. We will be walking through a store and you will spontaneously do a running-start somersault in the middle of the aisle. First off….AWESOME! Also, OUCH.  Those floors are hard. But it doesn’t faze you.

Not much fazes you.

With the help of a little life jacket-y  thingy, you learned to swim the length of the pool.  You are an enthusiastic little water baby. (Ahem…I meant Big Boy. You graduated into pre-school this week. Mama’s still a little sad about that)  Actually, you’re pretty adamant that you HATE water until we coax you into it. And then you never, ever, EVER want to get out again. Because you’re too busy drinking the water.

Little Bear, you add so much joy to our lives that sometimes I’m sad that you’ll be my only baby. But then I remember that you went to the top of the McDonald’s play structure (and we all know that Mama hates that play structure) and pooped yourself silly. You were too mortified to move so I had to crawl up there, on my poor decrepit knees, and rescue you.

It was hard to maintain dignity while hauling you out of there, but sweetie, I would do it again. It broke my heart to see you upset and stuck. Obviously, that doesn’t stop me from sharing that event with the world. Is now a good time to remind you that we replaced the college fund with a therapy fund?

Your dad went on his big motorcycle ride with the guys this month and I made it my goal to have as much quality, fun time with YOU as possible. And Little Bear, we missed Daddy but we had a blast! You’re always good company. You make me laugh, you make me think, and you challenge me to grow every day. You also challenge my patience.

I love you, Roper. Today, more than yesterday. Tomorrow, more than today.


Your Mama

P.S. You remind me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes


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